Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My weekend in Granada.

This weekend I went to Granada to visit my sister.  I left late Friday afternoon on a bus headed for Managua.  The bus ride was very long.  Here in Nica, there are no regular bus stops, the bus will pick you up anywhere along its route, so we stopped constantly, stretching a 3 hour ride into an almost 4 hour ride.  By the time I got to Managua it was pitch black and raining and I just ended up taking an expensive taxi ride from Managua to Granada.  

The city of Granada is very nice, but also very touristy.  There are many "gringo" restaurants and many stores price their wares in dollars instead of Cords.  The night life therefore is a bit more developed as it is more of a vacation town.  The houses are also visibly different as well.  Everyone there seemed to have running water, flushing toilets and closed roofs.        Many buildings from the colonial era are still standing giving the entire city an old world feel.  

I was excited to see Becca and meet her roommate Phoebe.  They have a great apartment and are located close to the main drag., Calle Calzada.  Despite being sick the whole weekend, I was able to do a little sight seeing.  Becca and I went to the nearby cemetery at sunset.  It was gorgeous.  Unfortunately, the large mausoleums and raised tombs make for a dangerous journey as it is easy for muggers to duck behind the various edifices and jump out to snatch a purse or camera.  Luckily, a guard insisted on accompanying us to ensure our safety.

The ride back was equally long and painful as the ride there.  By the time I arrived back in Matagalpa it was pitch black.  I waited on a dark and desolate street for close to 25 before finding a taxi that would bring me back to La Chispa.  It was a great trip, and though cheap, I just wish the travel wasn't so long!

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  1. Sounds like you are keeping super super busy! I love you and miss you :) love the blog